Eat and Drink Healthily

Our food philosophy is ‘health’. That's healthy for you, healthy for the animals and for the environment.

We believe in locally sourced and seasonal natural foods with no chemical additives and no plastic packaging. All our meals are made on the premises. They are plant based whole food.

Would you like to try raw, wild foods or algue based meals? Let us know, and we'll try to incorporate these into your meal.

It would be a great pleasure to cook for other vegans. Equally, it would be wonderful to share delicious and varied vegan cuisine with non-vegans who might like a break from meat. Or they may simply want to learn more about meat-alternative options.

Breakfast at Moulin de la Cueille

For breakfast, our favourites are:

  • Porridge or pancakes served with fresh seasonal fruit.
  • Home made chocolate or fruit granola or muesli.
  • Home baked sourdough bread or toast with local jams, or locally made croissants, chocolatines or pain au raisins.
  • A selection of cakes and vegan yoghurt.
  • A glass of seasonal fruit juice or perhaps a tasty smoothie.
  • There is a vast choice of infusions and teas to chose from.
  • Of course, there is always a jug of freshly ground coffee on the go at breakfast time.

Here are some examples of local produce available, home baked and vegan meals you might enjoy during your stay at Moulin de la Cueille:



Afternoon teas and cake


Evening meals

Why vegan or plant-based?

The choice not to eat meat was definitely for the animals, and learning more about the dairy industry helped to make the fully plant-based choice. More recently we have been convinced by the health benefits too.

Other members of our family have not made this choice yet. However, they are happy to share vegan food and feel detoxed when they leave.


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